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04 July, 2017

Search The Scriptures —Study 68 — Psalm 88

Study 68 From the Book of Psalms is: Psalms 88

In some respects, this psalm depicts the sufferings of the Jewish nation in exile. The Christian may find in it a picture of the sufferings of Christ. But, the language of the psalm is universal, and no one specific application exhausts it; hence its continuing relevance.
1.     Summarize the main features of the sufferers’s distress. The sufferer cleaves to God most passionately when God seems to have removed Himself most completely. How do you account for the persistence of his faith?  Cf. Is. 50:10; Hab. 3:17, 18.
2.     Verses 4-6, 10-12. With the psalmist’s view of death and its sequel, cf. Ps. 6:5; 30:9; Is. 38:18. Contrast it with that of the Christian and note whence light and hope come. See 2 Tim. 1:10; Heb. 2:14, 15; 1 Cor. 15: 17, 18, 51-57.