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25 June, 2017

Search The Scriptures —Study 59 — Psalms 75 and 76

Study 59 From the Book of Psalms is: Psalms 75 and 76

Ps. Celebrates the deliverance of Jerusalem from the Assyrians in the reign of Hezekiah.  Though we cannot say that Ps. 75 belongs to this same historical situation, its theme of thanksgiving to God is certainly relevant to the events of 701 BC.
1.     In Ps. 75 what characteristics of God’s judgment are mentioned? What is the psalmist’s response?
2.     Ps. 76 falls into four sections of three verses each. How would you summarize the contents of each section? What was God’s purpose in acting in judgment?
3.     How does the teaching of Christ illustrate Ps. 75:4-7? Cf. Lk. 14:7-11; Mt. 20:20-28. Does your belief in such teaching control your ambition and your ideas about promotion?
1.     75:8. A picture of divine retribution; cf. Is. 51:17; Rev. 14:10.
2.     76:5, 6. A vivid picture of the enemy, silent and inactive in death.
3.     76:10. Even the violent acts of the wicked will be turned to God’s praise