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16 June, 2017

Search The Scriptures —Study 15 — Ezekiel 22

Study 15 From the Book of Ezekiel is: Ezekiel 22

This chapter falls into three divisions: (a) description of the sins committed within the city (verses 1-16); (b) the certainty of judgment (verses 17:22); and (c) and indictment of all classes of the community (verses 23-31).
1.     Group the sins enumerated in verses 1-12 under the following two heads: (a) religious, and (b) social. Notice how, with the loss of a true conception of God, there follows the loss of filial piety, moral purity, and civic justice. How far are the sins mentioned here prevalent among us today?
2.     What four classes are mentioned in verses 24-29, and what charges are made against them? What is the saddest feature of the situation, as stated in verse 30? Cf. verse 19 (‘all become dross’) and Je. 5:1-5.
1.     Verse 4. ‘Your day’: i.e., the day of your judgment.
2.     Verse 13. Striking the hands was an expression of honour. Cf. 21:14, 17.
3.     Verse 30. ‘Build up the wall’ i.e., act as a bastion against the inroads of wickedness.