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11 June, 2017

Search The Scriptures —Study 10 — Ezekiel 16

Study 10 From the Book of Ezekiel is: Ezekiel 16

In this vivid allegory the prophet seeks to break down the pride of Jerusalem. She appears as the bride of the Lord God, who loved her from infancy, and did everything for her, but whose love she had required with persistent and shameful idolatry. The chapter falls into four sections (i) Jerusalem as a child and as a bride (verses 1-14); (ii) her sin (verses 15-34) (iii) her judgment (verses 35-52); (iv) her restoration (verses 53-63).
1.     What was God’s complaint against Jerusalem?  With verse 22 and 32, cf. Dt. 32:15-18. Notice also that God regards her sin as greater than that of Samaria and of Sodom. Verse 46-52 and cf. Mt. 11:23, 24.
2.     How may the teaching of this chapter be applied to one who has been truly converted, but has backslidden? What can we learn here for our warning of the peril and folly of the sin of unfaithfulness? Cf. Je. 2:13, 19; Jas. 4:4-10.