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31 July, 2016

Search The Scriptures —Study 5 — Job 9:25 – 10:22. Job's reply to Bibldad (continued)

Study 5 From the Book of Job is: Job 9:25 – 10:22. Job's reply to Bibldad (continued)

  1. 9:33. The 'umpire' is mentioned for the first time in the book. Keep a list of the occurrences, noticing what new features each fresh mention brings. Suggest ways in which Jesus Christ has made Job's great wish a reality for us.
  2. What is Job's main desire in chapter 10? Do you think God is angered by such plain speaking? Cf. Pss. 55:1-8, 22; 62:8.
  1. 9:35. 'Deep in my heart I have no guilty fears.'
  2. 10:12. An extraordinary verse to find in a long complaint. Either it means 'Even in deep misery I am aware of an overriding loving purpose'; or 'Even my past happiness was designed as a prelude to my present misery'.