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10 July, 2016

Search The Scriptures —Study 16 — 1 Samuel 17:55 – 19:24

Study 16 From the Book of 1 Samuel is: 1 Samuel 17:55 – 19:24

1. How were fear and jealousy like a cancer in Saul's spirit? How did they show themselves? How do you explain God's action in this matter? By what means were Saul's attempts to destroy David foiled?
2. How did Jonathan and Michal show their love for David? Do we ever risk anything for our friends? See 1 Jn. 3: 16, 18.

1. 18:5 'Was successful': a pregnant Hebrew word is used meaning 'deal wisely' with the implied consequence of success. Cf. Is. 52: 13a.
  1. 18:10. Cf. 1 Ki. 22:22
  2. 19:13. 'An image': Hebrew 'teraphim', i.e., household gods; cf. Gn. 31:19. This deceived Saul's messengers into thinking that David was ill in bed.
  3. 19:23, 24. ' Naked': i.e., with his outer garment laid aside; cf. Is. 20:2; Mi. 1:8. Saul lay in a trance for a day and a night. The origin of the proverb about Saul is recorded in 10:12. His behaviour here evidently caused men to recollect it.