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28 July, 2016

Search The Scriptures —Study 2 — Job 4 and 5. Eliphaz's first speech

Study 2 From the Book of Job is: Job 4 and 5. Eliphaz's first speech

The First Cycle of Speeches 4 – 14)
The three friends, seeing Job's suffering, assume his guilt, and with mounting zeal urge him to repent. At first, Job is only grieve and hurt by this lack of understanding, but soon becomes irritated and angry. He wants God to explain Himself, and is acutely miserable.
  1. 4: 1-11. According to Eliphaz, what was Job forgetting?
  2. 4:12 – 5: 7. What did Eliphaz learn from his vision?
  3. 5:8-27. What is his view of Job, or God, and of divine chastening?
  1. 5:2. 'Vexation: an impatient querulous or presumptuous attitude.
  2. 5:6-7. Troubles in life come as sparks come, from somebody's actions. There must be a human cause. Cf. 4:8.
  3. 5:27. An appeal to scholarly research to buttress his orthodoxy.