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06 March, 2016

Search The Scriptures —Study 6 — Numbers 9:15 – 10:36. The journeying begins again   

Study 6 From The Book of Numbers is: Numbers 9:15 – 10:36 

1.      Israel were made very sure of God’s guidance.  Without the actual symbols of cloud and fire can we claim the same assurance? Cf. Acts 16: 6-10; Rom. 8:14. Why the repetition of the word ‘at the command of the Lord’?
2.     Notice the correspondences and the differences between 10:14-28 and 2:3-31.  What is there in chapter 10 to show that, although God led and protected the children of Israel, He did not expect them to be utterly passive and to do nothing for themselves?
3.     What was the significance of the trumpets (10:1-10)? Cf. Lv. 23:24; Nu. 29:1. It has been said, ‘When God remembers, He acts’. Cf. Gn. 8:1; 19:29; 30:22.
Note. 10:35, 36.  These were the word uttered publicly by Moses at the beginning and end of each day’s journey. Note their expression of dependence upon God’s protection and desire for His abiding presence.