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23 March, 2016

Search The Scriptures —Study 23 — Numbers 31. Conquest of the Midianites  

Study 23 From The Book of Numbers is: Numbers 31. Conquest of the Midianites

1.      This is another difficult passage unless you bear in mind (a) that it records only the bare outline of an event far greater in scope; (b) that it is recorded from a particular standpoint (the Midianite account was probably quite different from this one); and (c) that its message concerns a God of love who must purge of evil everything that is His.  What are the forms of purging found in this account? In what directions ought a Christian to act with comparable severity? Cf. Col. 3:5-11.
2.     What does the chapter teach about sharing and giving? On what grounds were portions given to the priests and Levites?