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26 March, 2016

Search The Scriptures —Study 0 — Book of Mark

Study 0 From The Book of Mark is: The Introduction of the book of Mark

It is generally held that this Gospel was written by John Mark, the nephew of Barnabas, and is the earliest of the four Gospels. According to tradition it is based upon the teaching of the apostle Peter, whose interpreter Mark became (cf. 1 Pet. 5:13), and was written in Rome for the church there.  It begins with a short preliminary statement of John the Baptist’s ministry, and of the baptism and temptation of Jesus, and then passes on to His public ministry in Galilee.  In common with the other Gospel, it devotes a comparatively large space to Jesus’s sufferings, death and resurrection.

 The story centres in the confession of Peter, ‘Thou art the Christ’ (8:27-29).  Up to that time it tells of our Lord’s activity in preaching and healing; but after the confession of Peter, Jesus makes known to the Twelve that He must suffer and die, and be raised the third day, and His face is turned towards the cross.  The disciples failed to understand; and the work of Jesus in this latter half of the Gospel consists largely in teaching His disciples, and seeking to wean them from the false ideas of the kingdom which possessed their minds.

The  closing verses of the Gospel (16:9:20) do not appear to be the original ending.  Some ancient manuscripts end at 16:8, and others have a different paragraph at the close.  But, these verses contain the great missionary commission and have an established claim to be regarded as a part of Scripture.