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12 February, 2016

Search The Scriptures —Study 5— Hebrews 4:14 – 5:10  

Study 5 From The Book of Hebrews Is: Hebrews 4:14 – 5:10

1.   4:14-16.  What truths concerning our Christian High Priest are we here exhorted to confess, and what consequents privileges open to our enjoyment are we here exhorted fully to possess?
2.   5:1-10.  What qualifications for high priesthood are set forth in verses 1:4?  How are these possessed by Christ as a higher level and a fuller way than could ever be true of a Levitical priest? What benefit can He consequently make ours, and on what condition?
1.   The order of treatment in 5:1-4 is reversed in 5:5-10.  The three points dealt with are (a) function, (b) understanding sympathy, (c) appointment to office.
2.   5:3. Every Jewish high priest was ‘bound to offer sacrifice for his own sins’.  Contrast 4:15. Jesus was sinless.
3.   5:7-9.  These verses give an amazing insight into our Lord’s true humanity and earthly humility.