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06 February, 2016

Search The Scriptures —Study 20 — Leviticus 27

Study 20 From The Book of Leviticus Is: Leviticus 27

With this lesson we end the book of Leviticus. Tomorrow we will delve into the Hebrews book.
Introduction as to what is to be done where and offering has been made to the Lord and the giver wants to redeem it; also a regulation about tithes.
1.    What can be redeemed and what cannot be redeemed?  What does this teach us about the seriousness of vows made to God? Is there any exception to the statement in verse 29? Cf. Ps. 49:7-9, 15; Mk. 10:45.
2.    What does this chapter show of the Lord’s character? What does He require in His people?