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29 February, 2016

Search The Scriptures —Study 0 — Book of Numbers

Study 0 From The Book of Numbers is: The Introduction of the Book

In the book of Numbers, the narrative of Israel’s journey from Egypt, interrupted at the foot of Sinai (Ex. 19) for the giving of the law, is resumed. The history, however, is throughout the book alternated with further laws and enactments.  The book is a story of failure.  The people are brought to the edge of the promised land, but owning to unbelief and disobedience are prevented from entering it.  Then follows the long forty years of wandering in the wilderness, passed over almost in silence, except for one or two incidents. Finally, the people come again to Kadesh-Barnea, the whole generation that came out of Egypt as adults being dead, with three exceptions.  Their first conquests are recounted, and their destiny foretold in the mysterious prophecies of Balaam.