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28 February, 2016

Search The Scriptures —Study 21 — Hebrews a Revision of the Book

Study 21 From The Book of Hebrews Is: Revision of the book of Hebrews 

With the revision of the book of Hebrews we end the study today and will delve into the book of Numbers tomorrow.
1.      Review the doctrinal teaching of this Epistle.  See the Introduction and Analysis.  List the ways in which what is ours under the new covenant is better than the things which the Israelites enjoyed under the old covenant.  What do we have to do to gain full possession of these benefits? Why is rejection of them so serious?
2.     Consider the positive exhortations to be found in the following passages: 2:1; 4:1, 11, 14, 16; 6:1; 10:22-24; 12:1, 28; 13:17, 22.  Which of these exhortations do I particularly need to heed, and to act upon?

1.      1: 1-2:18   Christ the perfect Revealer, better than angels (a) as the Son of God (1:5-14); and (b) as the Son of man (2:15-18).
2.     3:1 – 10:18 Christ the perfect Redeemer, better than Moses (3:1-6) and better than Aaron (a) in His Person and character (4:14-5:10); (b) in the ‘order’ of His Priesthood (7:1-25); and (c) in His ministry (8:1-9:12) and in His offering (9:13 – 10:18).
3.     10: 19-12:29 Practical teaching.
4.     13:1-25 Final counsels and greetings.
Within this outline are contained five passages of solemn warning:
1.      2:1-4          Against the danger of drifting.
2.     3:7-4:13     Against the danger of missing God’s promised rest.
3.     5:11-6:20   Against the danger of losing salvation.
4.     10:26-39    Against the danger of drawing back.
5.     12: 25-29   Against the danger of refusing to hear God’s final word.