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20 August, 2015

Search The Scriptures —Study 10 — Joshua 13:1-15:12

Study 10 From The Book of Joshua Is: Joshua 13:1-15:12

     1.      13:1-7. Consider how exactly the Lord amplifies the statement at the end of 13:1. Are there in your life blessings promised to us in Christ which are not yet possessed, and remaining enemies to be subdued?  Ask Him to reveal them to you with similar precision.

     2.      Note the inheritance given to the different tribes and individuals notice particularly the contrast between Levi and Caleb, and the reasons given for each.  With 14:6-13, cf. Nu. 13:17-14:10.

Note. 14:7, 10.  These verses, combined with Dt. 2:14, show the preliminary conquest of the land took seven years.