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14 July, 2015

Search The Scriptures —Study 4— Hosea 5:15-8:14

Study 4  From The Books of Amos & Hosea  Is: Hosea  5:15-8:14

  1. The passage 5:15 – 6:6 is a dialogue between God and the people, in which God has expressed His purpose to withdraw His presence (5:15), the people light-heartedly profess repentance, and their confidence in God’s restored favour (6:1-3); but the true situation is far from what the people think (6:4-6).  What does God desire to find in His people?
  2. The remainder of today’s portion consists of description of the state of the nation: the sinfulness of priest, kings, and people (6:7-7:7); their instability and folly (7:8-8:3); God’s anger against both their rulers and their idols---all alike man-made (8:4-13).  What do you find here (a) about the sins that abounded; (b) about false alliances that blinded their eyes; (c) about the real cause of their perilous position?