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13 July, 2015

Search The Scriptures —Study 3— Hosea 4:1-5:14

Study 3  From The Books of  Hosea  Is: Hosea  4:1-5:14

  1. Note down in chapter 4: 1-14 (a) the outward sins which caused the Lord to have a controversy with His people, and (b) the inward condition of which these sins were the outcome.  How far might this description be applied to our society today?
  2. 4:15:19. This passage may be interpreted as a warning to the southern kingdom of Judah not to ally herself with Israel.  Why this warning and what message has it for us?
  3. What in chapter 5 are shown to be the real obstacles that separate the people from God, and God from the people? Who are charged with responsibility for this condition of things?
  1. 4:15. ‘Beth-aven’: house of vanity, ‘used ironically for ‘Beth-el’, house of God’.
  2. 4:17. ‘Ephraim’: the leading tribe of the northern kingdom, therefore used as a synonym for Israel.  Only in chapter 13 does it refer to the tribe.
  3. 5:17. ‘The new moon’: i.e., the next new moon. Within a month ruin will be upon them.