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12 July, 2015

Search The Scriptures —Study 2— Hosea 2

Study 2  From The Books of  Hosea  Is: Hosea 2

  1. The adulterer seeks satisfaction in unlawful relationship; the harlot debases high possessions for material gain. How does Hosea show that this is what Israel has done in relation to the Lord Himself?
  2. What promise is given in verses 14:23 of the final triumph of God’s love? How is it to be achieve? Does this chapter in any way illustrate the conduct and the one sure hope of God’s people today?
  1. Verse 5. ‘My livers’: a reference to the local gods of the land (or ‘the baals’, verse 13), whom the Israelites in their backsliding conceived to be the givers of nourishment (‘bread and water’),  clothing (‘wool and flax’) and joy (‘oil and drink’),  and to whom accordingly they offered worship (verse 13).
  2. Verses 14, 15. The Israelites, after leaving Egypt, wandered in the wilderness, and entered the Promised Land by the valley of Achor. Now they shall again be brought into the wilderness (i,e. the exile), but after this time of affliction, they shall return to Canaan, and will find the valley of Achor, not as at the first, a place of trouble (Jos. 7:24), but a door of hope, Cf. Is. 65:10.
  3. Verses 18-23.  A beautiful picture of peace (verse 18), communion with the Lord (verses 19, 20), and abounding blessing (verses 21-23).  Jezreel, which means ‘God sows’ is used in verse 22 as a name of Israel.