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19 November, 2014

Things That Accompany Salvation

"If anyone would come after Me, he must deny himself and take up his cross daily and follow Me. For whoever wants to save his life will lose it, but whoever loses his life for me will save it." Luke 9:23-24 

I was thinking this morning how the Church leaders, along with a bunch of fanatics’ out there, love separating salvation from Luke 9:23-24. I know there are a great number of them, when they do that, their intend, is to please the mass. When you learn to see Salvation from God’s point of view, meaning when He gives you a peak to the big master plan that He alone put together, you cannot help but come up with a different point of view. You know for sure that, holiness, spiritual maturity, intimate relationship with God, engaging His heart, yearning to be like Christ day in day out, true discipleship, surrendering to Him as your Master, and losing yourself to Him and so much more, are all a continuous blessing string of His grace. They are the work of our faith and evidence of our Salvation. To truly understand these things, you have to learn to live and walk in the Spirit, which also is an after effect of Salvation. Salvation is complete and not lacking anything at all. It is like receiving a beautiful and expensive necklace made of pearl. 

This is not my first post on this issue and it will not be my last, simply because I lived out with God what He meant to do with the “real Salvation,” not the one we have become accustomed to in the last century. We went on revamping Salvation with our common sense, and we took so much away that we are left with a counterfeit of God’s true Salvation. Yes, it is true that He worked a new life “in” us, at the moment we truly receive Him into our hearts, but we have to allow Him to work it “out.”

 What gives God great pain and cause Him to lament for us, is because we chose to take one single pearl out of the whole necklace and we are content with what we have with an attitude that He should accept our will. Imagine you are living in the sewers and one day, the king who has deployed everything in His power to find his long lost son or daughter, found you. Then you are informed that you are royalty and the King, who is your Father has been looking for you and wants you by His side. Now, you are over the top with this news. Once you reach the King’s palace you are told to clean up, get rid of your dirty and smelling clothes and put on the royal garment, then a guard will come and get you to lead you to meet with your Father.

 During the time of preparation, you look around you and decided this life is not for you. Not because you do not like it, but it is going to take too much work, discipline, and way too demanding. So, you decide to find a way out of the palace and go right back to living in your sewers. All the while, you are proud of knowing you are royalty and shout it out to everyone who is willing to listen to you.  To what extend are you royalty?  In deploying all resources out there to find you, the King had a plan in mind which involved a different quality of life, a place for you, next to Him, and an intimate relationship with you. What have you done with His generosity and His love? In choosing to live in the sewers, where is your allegiance?  How is the King suppose to feel about your decision and rejection of the offer of a relationship, His heir and a transformed life? Your decision to live in the sewers tell your new found Father, “well, I am glad to know I belong to the King, but, I have no intention of being taken up with your interests and purposes for me.” In saying that, aren’t you changing the terms between you and the King? We seem to be spending more time telling Christians how they cannot lose their salvation, than teaching them how to walk in the spirit, how to surrender and how to live a life of obedience to God.  

This practice is dangerous simply because we do not know their reasons for accepting Christ to begin with. Especially, if you are able to tell through your close relationship with the Spirit of God, that some of your Church members are not showing evidence that a major work took place on the inside. This means, the Spirit of God has to help you bypass the Church attendance, the regurgitation of Bible verses, the empty service on His behalf and all the outward religiosity.  Even when you find out through the Spirit, your job is not to judge but, if you are a leader, you ought to examine yourself first and to what extent He is the main instrument behind all that you do. Then, you come alongside those that He showed you are not part of the flock, or those that have taken a long detour and are not quite aware of their need to come back. (various way: preaching, prayers, counsel, different Bible study group etc.,but, only through the Spirit's leading, if done in the flesh you will keep failing them.) Majority of Christians, even after years of being in the Church, trample Salvation under their feet. In the meantime the Church, which is the body of Christ at large seems to missed that. We go on proudly with our own interpretation of a lot of verses in the Bible, while many claimed to have been saved by faith but simply not interested or incapable of walking by faith. What kind of godly relationship and faith are we promoting?

 Not long ago, I was following a conversation on Linkedin where some people believe that this Christian life will happen to us through osmosis and if we have to do anything, then it is no longer grace. For the life of me, I cannot understand why these people cannot see that they have been brainwashed into adopting the wrong attitude, as such, they are rejecting God’s grace on a daily basis. They misapply and misappropriate the word grace along with God’s intention and divine purpose, yet not aware of it. But, doesn’t the Bible tell us that we have to diligently stand with Him? Or to make every effort?  If there is no need for us to do as He said and embrace all that is in the Bible, instead of choosing to decipher things on our own and put words in His mouth, then we are doing the same thing Adam and Eve did when they let themselves be tempted by Satan. Furthermore, Christ could have done the same thing to His dad and say, well, I am not leaving the comfort of heaven, you are God and you can do things differently without me going down there. He could have bargained His way out of it, yet He was obedient unto death. He honored His Father’s way, His process and divine purpose.

 We have to stop living like the unbelievers with a spirit of entitlement. We need to let the Spirit guide us in what we write, say and preach so that the impact we make on weaker Christians, will not affect them the wrong way. Some say they keep reminding people about the fact that they cannot lose their salvation, because Satan the accuser could rob them. Not only it is the wrong way to rationalize things, it is the wrong focus and it is also an insult and blasphemy to God. In fact, the wrong focus might cause these weaker Christians to be in greater danger as they adopt the wrong attitude and message, and GET SET IN THEIR WAYS. So sometimes, in trying to prevent Satan, we are the very instrument that he uses to get his work done. Our focus is wrong because while Satan is powerful, but my Lord and Savior is bigger than Satan will ever be. He is Stronger and Mightier. He is also able to keep those who have been entrusted to Him by God. What He wants from us, is to allow Him to use us as we live and walk in abandonment to Him, in the Spirit.

 As I write my posts, it is not my job to please people or tolerate our disregard for the true Christian life. It is not my job to encourage the lack of walk in the Spirit that is being displayed within the body of Christ. Doing so, would be applying some sort of misguided love that has nothing to do with the true love Christ wants us to use to reach out to others, Agape Love.