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27 November, 2014

The Christian Community Is In Need of An Attitude Adjustment

Some Christians' discussions on the internet are killing me inside because some of these people are so well educated that I’m in awe when they speak or when I read some of their posts, some with great social status. Yet all their analysis, while well intentioned, are being made in the flesh. Some are blatantly discussing things that only those who understand the spiritual things can understand, yet they carry on, not aware of their limitations, and that they could become stumbling blocks to those who are not in the Spirit.
When we read something whether it is from Johnathan Edwards, Spurgeon, Finley, Chambers, Pink, Pastor Charles Stanley, John Piper and so many more. Whether we talk about the Reformers, the Puritans the Calvinism and on, we should read them with, and through the Spirit. Never approach our teachers as if they have the absolute truth. We should also never approach their teachings with a kind of disdain because your opinion is already formed about them and you do not like their teachings….Unless the Spirit confirms it to you.
A genuine Christian who knows what it means to live in the Spirit will be open to learn from anyone. A genuine Christian will learn to read books from certain periods and writers and take what is good that, the Spirit confirms in the heart and leave the rest to God. The truth is, as we learn to walk in the Spirit, we find that no one on earth, except the apostles whom God used specifically for His purpose to bring His word to us, has all God’s doctrines perfectly “down.” I find that when my mind is purposely made up, about someone and the way they approach God’s doctrines, then I stop the Spirit of God from teaching me anything.
I love Oswald Chambers, Tozer, Spurgeon, Pink and many more of the past centuries. Notice that I said the past centuries because I really don’t care whether they were called Wesleyan, Calvinist, reformers or what have you. Would you believe that there are certain things that I do not agree with Spurgeon, or Pink or Wesley, or Chambers? When I read someone’s book or listen to their sermons, the first thing that I am concerned with, is for the Spirit to reveal to my heart if this person is or was someone after God’s heart? Would you believe that the Holy Spirit is willing to do that for you right away if indeed your only motive is to grow and learn? There are times where the Spirit warns me not to even bother about someone. Would you believe some of them are very popular pastors that are extremely well known and wealthy through their television programs, with a sea of Christian followers?
Once we decide to leave the shallow life behind and we stop fighting those that are forcing us out of our comfort zone, only then can we find freedom in reading books, sermons and posts where we can learn and grow spiritually. When I do not agree with one of those pastors I mentioned above, chances are it is not worth making a big fuss. Someone who is or was after God’s heart will not make a mistake that will derail you in your journey. But, if you were not in the mood to go forward to begin with, then, you can choose to spend time fighting and debating frivolous things in your own understanding. I learn to put what I do not understand, in His care and move on.  Most of the time, He would come back to me and teach me about why the discrepancies. If He chooses not to teach me about them, then so be it. Nonetheless, I keep going with Him, because none of us are perfect.
Often times, when I do not agree about a particular teaching, because God has not only taught me, but He made me experience the subject in question. So sometimes, I find that those giants of the faith might have been off a tad bit. Even when I can see that I understand a subject better than them, I am not puffed up because it would be like criticizing a tiny dust in their eyes while I have a whole tree right there in my own eyes. So, when God allows me to see something that I have experienced with Him,
 where they did not, I humble myself, and thank God for His blessings because I am not deserving. I also usually see myself being on the right path when something like that happens and pray that God would help me to remain steadfast in the faith and keep me living for His Glory.