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29 November, 2014

How People See You is Totally Irrelevant to God and His Divine Purpose for You

I am reading Isaiah book and I started thinking of how God chose Isaiah in Chapter 6. There was a time where I got involved in everything that I could in the Church because I wanted to serve, but I also knew that my Church would never choose me to serve in many areas, for two reasons.  1) Was my divorce even though they never knew me when I was married. The second reason was that I did not wear masks like almost everyone.

But, when God started dealing with me, I went through a period of time where He kept talking and teaching me in my dreams, all about service. To make a long story short (can you believe I can keep it short? LOL) One day I was praying vehemently and for some reasons I kind of felt asleep because my eyes were so suddenly heavy. I have no idea to this day if that was a dream or not, but I was aware that the Spirit took oil and put it on my lips.  I have to say that I was always shy when it comes to talking about God and what I knew. I did not mind evangelizing and had no problem with unbelievers, but I never felt adequate to talk to Christians.  Anyway, when I went to one of the Pastors and explained what has happened to me about the oil on my lips, I was dismissed and the pastor said something like “only an elder could do that” and he quoted James 5:14 which apparently is not for just sickness, but also the significance is that anything that concerns oil, has to go through an elder and that the right channel is important to God because God is a God of order.  I was disappointed but, I moved on with God because I knew what really happened to me was from God and man's understanding or lack of it, could not derail me. This Pastor’s answer to me, right there, is a good example as to why we as Christians need to have an attitude adjustment toward God so we can become more spiritual.

My point is, no man has ever commissioned me yet, I know that God is using me the right way, instead of me running around like a chicken without head, getting involved in everything in the Church. So, the lesson here, make sure you pursue God instead of man. Once you reach the place where the Cross of Christ has significance to your heart, you know that you were truly lost and found by Him, seek for Him with all your heart and with all your might and He promised that you will find Him (Jeremiah 29:13-14) It does not matter where you are from, your skin color, your status in society and how much you have failed Him in this life. Don’t be absorbed by what is out there and how good you look and sound. Don’t allow yourself to be addicted by man’s approval. Don’t seek for love in the wrong place.  All these things are a temporary fix. Resolved to know nothing about anyone, but Christ crucified.

It is in looking for Him with all that you are and focussing on Him alone to mold you and make you, that you get to the point where you can live this life in this world, He can use you to touch all those around you, yet, you know like Christ, you are not of this world.

Don't fear rejection when you have a mighty God willing to accept you just the way you are. Beloved, allow Him to customize your life, His way.  

I will go back to my Bible now.....