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12 October, 2012



Read Jeremiah 1:6-8

Jeremiah knew he was ill-equipped for the job he was called for. He knew his lack of boldness, authority, communication, his youth and lack of knowledge would cause him to be despised by the very people he was called to serve.

When God calls us to deal with giants, it is always scary. It is one thing to experience Him, having intimate knowledge of Him and being able to communicate so closely with Him. But, it is dreadful to know that He is expecting you to go out there and tell people of Him exactly in the way you know Him. Not only you have your inadequacy to deal with, but you also feel like a fool. You already know in the scheme of things you are such a small potato. You already know people are not interested in the guy who stands alone with a message that no one wants to hear. So, yes you dread the day when you have to take your unpopular message out there and having to say things outloud to other people.

People who are truly called by Him for tasks that are completely above their capabilities—which is usually the case with God, He would not have it any other way— have one thing in common, they are always scared to go forward. The first reaction is to say no to Him, not because you want to be disobedient but simply because you feel He could find someone else to do a much better job for Him. You feel as if you would be a waste of time and He could get much more done through someone else better suited. Strangely, you are thinking in your mind that somehow He misses out on your lack of qualifications. Although when you come to your senses, all you can do is laugh about it for thinking there was something He did not know. The fear always comes from reacting in the flesh, it comes from lack of trusting Him. It also comes from the fact that you know, because you do not measure up you will be rejected, thus in your mind, you can taste the rejection, the mockery etc.

We should never let our sense of insufficiency get in the way. Once we mourn the pain of accepting the challenge, we must resolve to say yes to Him. The key here is that God is not looking for people who are capable of doing the job; instead He wants to use the weak things of the world. When we think we can do a good job for Him, than we are useless to Him because we are already too full of ourselves and there is no room for Him to manoeuvre. By contrast, when we know our worthlessness, He is able to use us because we are emptied of self, we recognize our limitations and our needs of Him as such He is allowed to move freely within us, and walk with us every step of the way to assure success of the ministry entrusted to us.  Do not ever allow your anxiety for who you are gets in the way. Know that He is sufficient for the journey ahead of you. We can always bank on His presence to lead us through.

PRAYER : Almighty father, I pray Savior that we learn to be grateful people to you in all that we are. I pray that we learn to avail ourselves to you knowing that the fruit of our obedience would glorify you. Teach us Master, how to become solely devoted to your service and teach us what we need to remain attentive to our calling. Praises and glory to You Savior. Amen!