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11 October, 2012



Read Jeremiah Chapters 1:1-5

Jeremiah was born in the city of Anathoth in the country of Benjamin and His father was Hilkiah. You will find that Hilkiah was the high priest who found the book of the Law and passed it on to King Josiah.(2 Kings 22)  As we read Jeremiah Chapter 1, it seems like we are given information at the beginning of chapter 1 that looks more like data to the average reader. But, nothing God put in the Bible is useless no matter how trivial it might appear to our non-spiritual eyes. His appointment shows that nothing takes God by surprise. While the Israelites were given to sin, saturated by idols and ultimate corruption, cruelty, rebellion, contempt of God's Word etc for years, God was preparing someone in the background in the person of Jeremiah. He was set apart before he was even born, to be this incredible prophet of his nation. He was hesitant because of the daunting task he was called to, but God reassured Him that there was no need to be scared of them because He would always be with him.

Jeremiah started at a very young age he did not have time to derail from God’s plan for him. Unfortunately not all of us can claim to be that fortunate. Sometimes, our lives start derailing right from home through parents making choices for us that are not necessarily conducive to God’s plan. Sometimes we blow it on our own, and we continue making poor choices that lead us further and further away from Him. But, God's goodness is immeasurable. He waits for us patiently, and sometimes He takes matters into His hands and for lack of a better word, He hits us with a four by four (through trials) to get our attention.

One thing that I learned from God that has never changed. Like the prophet Jeremiah, the Scriptures shows that God appoints His ministers from their mother’s wombs (Isaiah 49:1, Galatians 1:15). Not one of us is born by accident and He has a plan and purpose for each of us, which He is willing to unfold to us if only we are willing to trust Him and wait while learning to heed to His Word.

No matter what you are going through, learn to be patient. Trust that He has a plan for you and if your heart is set on Him, there is no need to go ahead of Him by fear you might have missed something. In His own time, He will divulge more to you.

PRAY: God help me to learn to wait for you and move forward with you only according to your will in my life, May I learn to remain loyal to you no matter where the road leads and may I always walk in your way!

In His Love & Service, 
M. J. Andre