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28 August, 2017

Search The Scriptures —Study 77 — Psalms 99 and 100

Study 77  From the Book of Psalms is: Psalms 99 and 100

  1. 99. In what ways is the holiness or distinctive character of God here said to be demonstrated? What comfort and what warning can we take from the fact that God’s holiness is not abstract but active? Do you share the psalmist’s passion to see God publicly exalted in holiness? Cf. Rev. 15:3, 4. Do you know what it means to call on His Name and to find that He answers (verses 6-8)?
  2. 100. What does this psalm declare that we know about the Lord? And what should this knowledge make us do? In what spirit do you ‘serve the Lord’ (verse 2)?
Note. 99:3. ‘Terrible’: i.e., awe-inspiring. The same word is used in Dt. 10:17;  Ps. 76:7, 12.