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23 August, 2017

Search The Scriptures —Study 72 — Psalm 91

Study 72 From the Book of Psalms is: Psalm 91

The theme of this psalm is the security and blessedness of a life lived under God’s protection. The change of pronouns has been variously explained. In verses 2 and 9a (see mg). a solo voice declares its trust (in the first person singular), after which the choir respond with renewed assurance. Finally, in verses 14-16, God Himself speaks in words of gracious promise.
  1. Life and health were insecure in ancient times. The world was haunted by unseen, malevolent powers. How does the psalmist’s faith in God transform the situation? What comfort does the psalm bring to (a) the sufferer, and (b) one who anticipates suffering? Cf. the fuller statement in Rom. 8:16-18, 28, 31, 35-37.
  2. Verses 14-16. Note here seven gracious promises of God. Can you bear witness to heir truth from your own experience and from the experience of other believers? Cf. 2 Peter. 1:2-4.
  1. The evils mentioned in verses 3, 5, 10, 13 refer to all kinds of adversity. Insidious and hidden, or open and visible, explicable or inexplicable. Verse 13 refers not to Tarzan-like exploits, but to deliverance from dangers, natural and supernatural, not by magic (as in Egypt), but by faith.
  2. Verse 14. I will protect’: ‘literally. I will set him inaccessibly high’.