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25 August, 2017

Search The Scriptures —Study 74 — Psalm 94

Study  74  From the Book of Psalms is: Psalm 94

  1. How does the psalmist find hope and comfort when oppressed by evil men? List carefully both the grounds and the content of his confidence.
  2. What rebuke does the psalmist give to those in Israel who may have thought that evil men were right when they said (see verse 7) that God was indifferent to His people need? What purpose does he see in the nation’s present sufferings? See verses 8:15; cf. Pr. 3:11, 12; Is. 49:14-16.
  1. Verses 1, 2. The fact that ‘God of vengeance’ is parallel to ‘judge of the earth’ shows that the former is not such and unpleasantly vindictive expression as the English might suggest. Both phrases indicate that God is concerned with the upholding of the moral order.
  1. Verse 16. A court scene. ‘Who is my counsel for the defence?’ Asks the psalmist. Cf Rom. 8:31, 33.