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09 December, 2016

Search The Scriptures —Study 39 — John 19:38 – 20:10

Study 39 From the Book of John is: John 19:38 – 20:10

1. What made both Joseph of Amarithea and Nicodemus now come out into the open? With 19:38, cf. Lk. 23:50, 51; and trace Nicodemus's growing faith, 3:1-15; 7:45-52. Both were members of the Sanhedrin, the Council of the Jews which had condemned Jesus.
2. 20:1-10. How do these verses show that the disciple were not expecting the resurrection of the Lord? What does the description of Peter and John's visit to the tomb reveal about each of their respective temperaments? What was it that John believed?
  1. 19:39. 'About a hundred pounds' weight': an exceptionally lavish amount.
  2. 20:5, 7. The position of the clothes showed that they had not been unwound from Jesus' body. He had gone out, just as later He came in, where the door were shut, without the doors being opened (20:19, 26)