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30 September, 2016

Search The Scriptures —Study 5 — 1 Kings 6:1 – 7:12

Study 5 From the Book of 1 Kings is: 1 Kings 6:1 – 7:12
  1. Try to form a mental picture of 'the house of the Lo
    rd'. What was its length, its breadth, its height? What the size of the porch, and what of the most holy place, here called 'the inner sanctuary or the 'oracle'? Notice, too, the side room, arranged in three storeys round the sides and back of the house. These would take away from the narrow appearance of the building, and provide space for storage, etc. It may help you to draw a sketch, keeping to scale (a cubit was about eighteen inches). Draw in also the five buildings in the outer court (7:1-12).
  2. Of what material were the walls made, with what were they lined on the inner side, and how adorned? Observe also the care expended upon the design and workmanship of the two sets of doors. What may we learn from these things? Cf. 1 Ch. 22:5, 14-16; 1 Cor. 3:12-15
    Note. 7:2. 'The House of the Forest of Lebanon': so called because of the number of pillars made from the cedars of Lebanon. It was a Hall of Assembly.