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16 September, 2016

Search The Scriptures —Study 48 — Psalms 61 and 62

Study 48 From the Book of Psalms is: Psalms 61 and 62

Ps. 61-63 form another trilogy, like 46-48. They were all most probably written shortly after David's flight from Absalom (see 63 title) and should be read against the background of the story of 2 Sa. 15-17.
  1. Ps. 61. Consider David's circumstances –a fugitive, his throne occupied by another, his life sought. What were his hearts' chief desires as expressed in his prayers(verses 1-4)? Observe also his confident hope, and his whole-hearted devotion (verses 5-8). Is he not in this a 'type of our Lord?
  2. Ps. 62. How did David's situation appear in the eyes of his enemies (verse 3), and how to the eyes of faith (verses 6, 7)? Out of the fullness of his own joyous confidence in God, what message was David able to give his followers (verses 8-12)? Have you also found that faith leads to testimony?
    Note. 62:11, 12. 'Once .... Twice': a Hebrew idiom for 'repeatedly', here signifying that the truth David sets forth in these verses had sunk deep into his heart.