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07 September, 2016

Search The Scriptures —Study 15 — 2 Samuel 21

Study 15 From the Book of 2 Samuel is: 2 Samuel 21

Why was Saul's attempt to exterminate the Gibeonites wrong? How was David careful not to make the same mistake? Do we stand by our word? Cf. Ps. 15:4c.
  1. There was a law that those who were hanged were to be buried the same day. What was the reason for this law? Cf. Dt. 21:23. How does it explain the exception that is made here?
  2. What significance is there in the fact that giants troubled David right to the end of his life?
Note. Verse 19. Cf. 1 Ch. 20:5 which seems to have preserved more accurately the original text.