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22 August, 2016

Search The Scriptures —Study 41 — Psalm 50

Study 41 From the Book of Psalm is: Psalm 50

A picture of God's judgment of His people. There are four sections: (a) Introduction (verses 1-6); (b) God speaks to His people (verses 7-15); (c) God speaks to the wicked (verses 16-21); (d) Epilogue (verses 22, 23).

1. What can you discover of God's character in His capacity as Judge in verses 1-6? What further truth about Him is emphasized in verses 7-13?
2. What does God require of His people if they are to please Him, and what benefits does He promise to them? See verses 14, 15, 23. In what ways do the wicked displease God, and what is their end compared to those who fulfill His requirements?