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11 August, 2016

Search The Scriptures —Study 16— Job 34 and 35. Elihu's second speech

Study 16 From the Book of Job is: Job 34 and 35. Elihu's second speech

  1. According to Elihu Job says (a) that God is wronging him (34:5, 6) and (b) that there is no profit to be gained from delighting in God and doing His will (34:9; 35:3). How does Elihu answer these contentions? What precious truths about God does he declare?
  2. 'In the setting of the book of Job it is not a question whether Elihu is right or not—obviously he is right, at least in large measure—but whether he contributes anything to the solution of Job's “Why” Obviously he does not' (H. L. Ellison). Do you agree with this judgment? Why did a man who knew so much fail to be helpful? Of what danger should this make us aware?
  1. 34:13-15. The thought here seems to be that God as Creator has no motive for injustice; and that the existence and preservation of the universe in an evidence of God's interest in His creatures.
  2. 34:23-30. There is no need for God to act as men do by process of trial and judgment. God knows all and acts at once.
  3. 35:10. God is the only source of all true comfort. Cf. Ps. 42:8; 2 Cor. 1:3-4.