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06 August, 2016

Search The Scriptures —Study 11 — Job 22-24. Eliphaz' third speech and Job's reply

Study 11 From the Book of Job is: Job 22-24. Eliphaz' third speech and Job's reply

Only Eliphaz speaks at length to Job in this third cycle. Zophat says nothing (see, however, the Note on 27:7-22). The friends' case against Job is already leaking badly. Eliphaz sinks it by shouting false charges at Job, which Job later (31) refutes. Job ends by repeating his innocence, and his perplexity.
  1. Chapter 22. Of what does Eliphaz accuse Job (verse 6-9)? List God's blessings on the humble (verses 21-30). Why does Eliphaz' list of blessing (verse 3) make so little impression on Job?
  2. Chapter 23. Job earnestly desires to find God (verse 3). How is he now thinking of God? See verses 5, 6, 10, 13, 16. Is it a Friend or a Foe?
  3. Chapter 24. What anomalies does Job see in society around him? Compare what 'you' say (verses 18-20) with what Job says. Does this chapter teach us anything about how to make observation on life?
Note. 22:2-4. Eliphaz' argument is that God's treatment of man is not with a view to any gain or advantage to Himself but for man's sake. Since we cannot suppose that He punishes them for their piety (verse 4), it must be because of their sin.