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21 June, 2016

Search The Scriptures —Study 8 — 1 Peter 5

Study 8 From the Book of 1 Peter is: 1 Peter 5

With this lesson, we end the book of 1Peter. Tomorrow we will delve into the very small book of Ruth.
  1. Verses 1-4. How is oversight or the shepherd-care of God's flock to be exercised? What characteristics should a good pastor (a) avoid, and (b) exhibit? Note (a) how Peter speaks of himself, and (b) who is the chief Shepherd.
  2. Verses 5:14. What according to these verses is 'the true grace of God', and how are we to 'stand fast in it' (verse 12)? In other words, what purpose is God working out for our good, and what must we do to cooperate with Him, and to enjoy the full enrichment of all His grace?