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22 June, 2016

Search The Scriptures —Study 1 — Ruth 1 and 2

Study 1 From the Book of Ruth is: Ruth 1 and 2

INTRODUCTION: The general tone shows the setting of the story to be that of the time of the Judges. The book was read at the time of the Feast of Pentecost. The outstanding lesson of the book is the way in which the hand of God is seen guiding the faithful in the details of everyday life, as also in the events through which the way was prepared for the birth of the Son of David (see Mt. 1:5).
1. Put yourself in Ruth's place, and consider the cost of her decision to follow Naomi into the land of Israel. Orpah, too had been a good daughter (1:8), but what differences were there between her attitude and Ruth's? What lessons may Ruth teach us about our following Christ? Cf. Lk. 9:23, 57-62; 14:25-33.
2. Notice how an apparently chance happening (2:3, 20) was overruled by God for blessing. Can you recall similar experiences? Also, in chapter 2 what qualities are outstanding (a) in Boaz, and (b) in Ruth?