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11 January, 2016

Search The Scriptures —Study 3 — Titus 3

Study 3 From The Book of Titus Is: Titus 3

With chapter 3 we end our study of the Titus book. Next lesson will be on 2 Timothy.
1.    Verses 1-7. How ought we as Christians to behave in relation to (a) civil authorities, and (b) our fellow-men? What double awareness about ourselves should inspire such conduct?
2.    Verses 4:7.  What are we here told about (a) the source and method of salvation, and (b) our present state and future hope? Do you realize as you ought how ‘richly’ (verse 6) you are endowed?
3.    Verse 8:15. By what actions and by what abstinence should genuine faith in God express itself? What is necessary on our part to ensure that this happens?