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17 January, 2016

Search The Scriptures —Study 0 — The introduction of Leviticus

Study 0 From The Book of Leviticus Is: The Introduction of Leviticus

The third book of the Pentateuch was referred to by the Jews in various ways—the ‘priest’s law, ‘priest book’, ‘law of the offerings’—for Leviticus consists mainly of ritual law. The author is not named in the book.   All we know is that it was given by divine revelation at Sinai in the time of Moses.

Leviticus is a book of great significance from many points of view. It provides us with a background to all the other books of the Bible.  It helps us to understand references to sacrificial offerings and ceremonies of purification, or institutions such as the sabbatical year or the year of jubilee.  Orthodox Jews have to this day found their binding regulations, their food laws, for instance, in this book.  But, it also shows us the way in which the God of Israel combats sin in (social sin by means of the sabbatical year and year of jubilee, sexual sins by means of the laws of chastity) and second, by means of His promises and warnings.  All this is of interest to Christians as showing the principles of atonement and purification applied in a particular context.  In dong so it is natural that there should be many illustrations of the work of the Lord Jesus-Christ. His atoning death on the cross is the reality of which the rituals of Leviticus are but pictures and symbols.