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10 November, 2015

The Scriptures —Study 29— Exodus 39 and 40

Study 29 From The Book of Exodus Is: Exodus 39 and 40

With this study we end the book of Exodus and in the next study we will start the book of ‘1 Corinthians’
1.      Try to picture the Tabernacle and its furniture as here described. What New Testament truths does it foreshadow? Cf. e.g., Heb. 9:8-12.
2.      What phase occurs repeatedly in this passage concerning the making of the Tabernacle? What does this teach us about our own service for God? Cf. Jn. 15:14.
Note. 40:26. ‘The golden altar’: i.e., the altar of incense, called ‘golden’ to distinguish it from the brazen altar of burnt offering in the outer court (40:29).