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05 November, 2015

The Scriptures —Study 24 — Exodus 33

Study 24 From The Book of Exodus Is: Exodus 33
There follows a period of suspense, during which the people mourned, and Moses set up a tent outside the cam.  Here God came in the pillar of cloud to speak with him.

1.      What was God’s attitude at this time (a) towards the people, and (b) towards Moses?  What were Moses three petitions? What answers did God give?
2.      How do the prayers and answers of this chapter show (a) the growth of Moses’ desire and faith, and (b) the richness of God’s grace?
1.      Verses 1-3. The cause of mourning seems to be that God threatens to revoke the promise of 25: 8; 29:45, 46 and to return to the earlier method of guidance by His angels (cf. 14:19; 18:20-23).
2.      Verse 7. This tent of meeting cannot be the Tabernacle (although it was sometimes called by that name: 29: 42-44; 35:21), because it was not yet built. It was apparently an ordinary tent pitched outside the camp during the period of suspense.