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23 January, 2015

The Higher Life Demystified

This morning I woke up with prayers in my mouth. I tend to do that a lot. Often times I find that between the times my eyes open to realize it is time to get out of bed, I am already praying. When that happens, it’s like I know what I am doing, yet I am not quite awake yet. I don’t understand what that means or how I have learned to do that, unless the Spirit of God explains it to me.

The prayer in my mouth was a routine one. I was asking God to help me go through this dreadful day that I have ahead of me, to strengthen me and keep me willing to be willing to do His will in spite of the difficulties that I am going through.  My eyes opened and I started sitting up. Suddenly the Spirit said “Be joyful, there is nothing to dread, count it a blessing that you know what the higher life means!”  Before the Spirit of God finished saying those words, He flooded my heart with joy. In the meantime, I am joyfully thinking “oh! We are back on the same subject again!” The Spirit did not even pay attention to my thought process and kept on showing me the beauty of this life we call the higher life. It was as if He opened all the windows in the house, but it was the house where my spirit is interacting with Him. Suddenly things were bright, shiny and inviting, in my soul.   

The first window He opened was like the windows of sanctification. So, I said the higher life is the sanctified life? Then He said, granted human being calls it the higher life, but it's the life where a Christian walk with me. Before He finished the sentence He opened another window and showed me that it was also holiness. He opened another window and showed me, it is about living a righteous life. I was still looking at Him perplexed. Often times, I am with the Holy Spirit and instead of saying something, I think of it, all the while I am thinking that my thoughts are mine. The funny thing is, He is always aware of my thinking. So, He knew I was saying in my mind “WHAT DO I MAKE OF THAT”? Then He kind of slowed down to give me an example. He said “what you guys call the higher life is anything that starts with living out MY WORD”. He continued, “for instance, if you compare the Pharisees with the disciples who were following me, even though the disciples were not living a full life in the Spirit yet, well, they were living a higher life”

Then He went on showing me in my own Bible, Luke 14:25-35. He continued…”it’s anyone allowing those words (v. 25-35) to become a reality in their lives. Anyone living fully committed to build on this foundation that was laid. Anyone who renounces this life to live their full identity in me. It is anyone who is not living this life halfway. It is anyone who is teachable…(spiritually speaking)”  This went on and on but I do not want to make this post too long so I will stop.

Suffice to say, I decided to put these things in my book, which is about our walk in the Spirit and for some reasons God does not want me to publish it yet. But, the Spirit of God stopped me from what I was about to do and told me that I needed to share this today and now. So, here it is.  

It turns out, for us Christians, what we call the higher life is just “living out the Christian life and the impartation of the finished life that God has already worked within”.

Even though I do not want to make this post too long, I will share this last bit He taught me. The ‘higher life’ can be as high as we want it while we live on this earth because Enoch lived out the higher life to the fullest. I have to stop because I could go on and on and on…

Think about it!  Enoch was not a Christian, but simply a man who walked with God! Can you see why our intelligence and wisdom cannot even begin to comprehend God’s word unless we walk in the Spirit?