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03 January, 2015

Search The Scriptures - Alan Stibbs Editor

A Three-Year Daily Devotional Guide to the Whole Bible

Hello guys,

I have decided to study from the book “search the scriptures.”  It is a three year Bible Study course which apparently has been a blessing to everyone who has taken the time to finish it.  I first heard about the book through a great pastor that I admire and I listen to his sermons all the times.

I am looking for people interested in taking the journey with me. It is actually good for those of you who are busy and do not have much time, so by doing the book with me, you can focus on one chapter at the time.

This means the only posting that I will be doing (unless God says otherwise) will be solely what is written in the book, on a daily basis so we can follow together.

Search The Scriptures Alan Stibbs (Editor)

The study of God's Word is essential to spiritual growth. Still, a daily encounter with the Bible can be difficult to sustain. Search the Scriptures can support you in your discipline of daily Bible study. Using a question-and-answer approach, it helps you discover God's truth for yourself. Its built-in flexibility and clear presentation allow you to use its contents according to your own needs.
  • section-by-section coverage of the entire Bible
  • concise introductions to each book of the Bible as you meet it
  • meaning and application for each daily passage
Search the Scriptures has been used and appreciated by many thousands of readers for over half a century. This new edition, based on the New International Version of the Bible, has been completely reset in a fresh, accessible format. With its daily support, your own search of the Scriptures can become a delight and a source of strength.


The course of Bible reading was first issued in 1934 in response to a widespread demand from Christian students and others for a systematic plan which could be used daily. Its aim is to guide the reader through the whole Bible in three years of regular daily study.
The General Editor of the original edition was G.T. Mainley. In 1949 a new and revised course was prepared by H. W Oldham and others. The present fresh and thorough revision has been undertaken by a large team of helpers, each of whom has worked on an allotted section. These include G. L. Carey, D. Catchpole, M.J. Cole, J.C Connell, P. A. Crowe, A. E. Cundall, D. R. J. Evans, M. R. W. Farrere, P. K. Finnie, R. T. France, P. H. Hacking, A. R. Henderson, J. B. Job, Dr and Mrs A. Johnston, F. D. Kidner, G. E. Lane, Mrs. A. Metcalfe, H. Peskett, Mrs M. Roberts, Miss M. Sugden, J.B. Taylor, Miss R. E. Windtle, D. R. Wooldridge and D. F. Wright; with A. M. Stibbs acting as General Editor.

As G. T. Manley wrote of the compilers of the earlier editions all who have shared in preparing this revision ‘know well the difficulty of sustained Bible study, and how many a hindrance Satan will put in the way. But, they pray that the guidance here given may, by the grace of God, stimulate such taste for His Word as to make the time daily spent upon it a delight as well as a source of strength.’