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19 May, 2014

The Doctrine of Free Grace - The Puritans's Views

Hi there, 

The Doctrine of Free Grace - The Puritans's Views: What is Grace? & Why I't's Such an Abused Doctrine? [Kindle Edition]

Check out this ebook on Amazon. I used the words of the Puritans to describe what I know and have been taught by God in the wilderness, as to what Grace is about and why it is so misunderstood by most. Even though I found lots of information, but it is still partial to the magnitude of what God had in mind when He inspired the used of the word Grace. However, this book will give you a much better understanding about God’s grace and I pray you would open your heart to it.

It is listed only for $2.99 and if you want, you can also borrow from the Kindle library.

In His Agape Love and Service,

M. J. Andre

THE SPIRIT OF GRACE BY  James Smith, 1864

The Holy Spirit is, emphatically, the gracious Spirit. All that he
does for us, and all that he works within us — is of grace. His grace is his glory, and he glories in his grace. We may obtain his presence, and receive his blessing in answer to prayer — but we can never deserve either, nor can we by any works we perform merit them. He graciously . . .

quickens the dead,
instructs the ignorant,
liberates the captives,
restores the wanderers,
comforts the dejected,
strengthens the weak,
and sanctifies the impure. 
His work is his delight, and to see us holy and happy his pleasure!
Nothing grieves him like neglect, indifference, and going back to the beggarly elements of this present world. Such conduct wounds his loving heart, grieves his kind and tender nature; hence it was said of Israel: "They vexed and grieved his Holy Spirit." And the apostle exhorts us: "Grieve not the Holy Spirit of God."
Brethren, we need the Holy Spirit, as the Spirit of grace--to make us gracious and graceful Christians. Without the Spirit of grace . . .
  we cannot live up to our profession; 
  we cannot copy the example of our beloved Master; 
  we cannot keep His commandments;
  we cannot love one another as He has loved us; 
  we cannot sympathize with lost sinners as we should; 
  we cannot keep God's glory in view in all that we do; 
  we cannot walk in high and holy fellowship with God;
  we cannot meet death with peace and joy!

Let us look up, therefore, to our heavenly Father, let us plead his precious promises, let us go in the name of the Lord Jesus, and let us entreat him to give us more of "the Spirit of grace." He is not backward to bestow — if we are willing to receive. He will not refuse to listen to us — if we are earnest, hearty, and importunate. He will grant us the blessing — if we seek it as that which is essential to our holiness and happiness, and to his honor and praise. His word warrants us to expect that he will give his Holy Spirit to those who ask him. (Luke 11:13). His nature and his name, encourage us to persevere in our application to his throne, until we receive. Oh, For Jacob's spirit — that we may wrestle until we prevail! Oh, for David's power with God — that a messenger may be caused to fly very swiftly, to assure us that our prayer is heard! Oh, for the faith and fervor of the first Christians — that we may be all filled with the Holy Spirit and with power! Oh, for the fullness of "the Spirit of grace," to be poured out upon every member of the one church of Jesus, that we may all love each other, and endeavor, by all possible means, to glorify his glorious name!