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05 May, 2014

Enoch Walked With God - What a Learning Curve!

Today, as I was reading Oswald Chambers devotion of May 5th – Two things struck me right on the onset. Right there, I remembered how a few days ago after the intense moment with God, I felt subdue. Then, I was reminded by the Holy Spirit that what I lived out there -- when He asked me to walk with Him like Enoch -- was still about my salvation at work. The first thing that should stand out to us as we read today’s devotion is what Peter said in 1 Peter 4:17. I felt the need to read the verse because it is about God’s judgement beginning with the house of God, meaning, us who makes up the Church.  

The second thing that I noticed was the fact that Oswald talked about the unfathomable depth of Salvation. He also said that Salvation is the great thought of God, not an experience. I smiled when I read these two ideas to convey how salvation is to be seen and lived out. This brought in, intensely mixed feelings. While those words of Oswald seem simple enough, but I know for a fact that God has to work them out within us. You do not get to understand this concept to live it out through the depth of your soul and make it your life and the way you serve Him in this life, unless He writes this concept Himself onto your heart and soul. I used the word “concept” because so far, the Church is failing God for this very reason. We do not understand Salvation from God’s standpoint. We make it about us and extirpate from it, what it means to us, grab onto His promises and run with them. All the while we leave behind, part of the truth, the context and His divine purpose.

The unfathomable depth of salvation, once grasped, changes our attitude toward God and toward the way we decide to live it out. The reason it changes us is that when we put God and depth in one sentence, we KNOW without the shadow of a doubt how much we need to continue like little children and even then we will never see the depth of it all in this world. Notice here, there are two concepts, one is to CONTINUE which has no end as long as we live this life on earth. The second thing which is equally important is the need to continue like CHILDREN with no preconceived ideas of what is what to us.

I have learned so much today in the May 5th Devotion that I have never learned before. So it was not so much about what is contained in the book, but what Oswald did not mention. My plan today to read the word of God changed suddenly, because God opened up my understanding to His word found in 1 Peter to embrace the apostle’s counsel in those few pages. Suddenly I could see in 1 Peter something that God had tried to show me when I had the vision with Him. The spiritual life we live day in day out in, with and through Him, the life that brings phenomenal transformation and keeps changing you and me inwardly as we walk with Him like Enoch did is right there in the word of Peter. I am excited and I know God enough to say what He taught me today is just a tiny beginning to get me going.

God never gives us the whole plan. He gives us enough to get us going, we take the path and make His business, our business. We follow with joy because we love our father. We follow with joy because we know our Father will never fail us and will never steer us in the wrong direction. We follow, the path that we are put on, not knowing the depth of it because it is reserved only for God alone to know. For now, I can see through those pages of 1 Peter, a life of submission that cannot be derailed, a life of living closely with Him, in the Spirit. I can see a life of Godly living, not our idea of what it means but as Christ did. A life impregnated with the Agape love and faith where we serve God and man willingly through the sufferings that comes with all of it.  With the eyes of my heart, I can see so much more.

While this life I see in 1 Peter might seems basic to some Christians, but there is a depth to it. There is more understanding, there is maturity, there is more joy and the privilege to take the path engulfs your heart. You would think there is so much more to do on our part as a human being. But, you would be wrong. My job is to be mindful of the path He put me on, keeps His plan and purpose in mind and embrace the daily life with this attitude. This is one of the beauties of walking with God. You would think that I know what His plan and purpose are. You would be wrong. I have no idea what is waiting for me around the corner. I have no idea what He is trying to achieve. Ten years ago, that would be scary. I KNOW HIM enough to embrace with a heart filled with joy, His purpose and His plan without knowing “what the heck is that?” Ten years ago, that’s exactly what I would have asked Him. Not only that I would be worried sick about His request of me, what would be behind each door etc. Now, with spiritual maturity and knowledge of who He is, it does not matter that I know His plan or purpose, it matters that my Father wants me there.

As I am writing this post I stopped there and I got lost in my meditation, then, the Holy Spirit told me, you are ready for the path you are on, because He is truly now, your living hope and your sure salvation, so taking the path without knowing what is ahead of you simply the proof and the work of your faith in Him.

With that in mind, I will stop writing as I have a need to pray and worship so deeply, right now….

1 Peter 4:17 "For it is time for judgment to begin with God's household; and if it begins with us, what will the outcome be for those who do not obey the gospel of God?"