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18 April, 2014

Good Friday

I am not ashamed to tell people that I have no rituals for lent. I do not give up anything to feel that I am denying the self. Yet, since my wilderness time with God, the lent season has become so dear to my heart, especially Good Friday. It always takes me right back to two thousand years ago and I experience sadness, grief with a heart full to the point of exploding with gratitude. It does not matter how much I tell myself that I am not going to feel this way, it seems like I have no control over what I experience this time of the year. So, I guess, in a strange way, I have a ritual.

I pray that God would bring us to a point where all of us would KNOW through our experiences with Him, the depth of this love of His that never fails.  May we learn to love Him in return and learn total dependence on Him

I pray that we would all hunger for Paul’s passion for the gospel, Abraham’s faith, Daniel’s passion for intercession and David’s passion for God’s heart. May we walk in  purity and holiness

From the Inner Life of Ruth Bryan

 Good Friday.—Blessed Lord Jesus, I hail You in the depths. I worship You in the shades of my sin and death, for there are You my eternal life. You obtained the keys of hell and death at a costly price; even by going into their very depths, and enduring all that justice, by them, would have inflicted on Your Church. And now the keys are Your right, not merely as Creator—but as Surety and Head; seeing You have paid the uttermost farthing, and can claim the release for the once debtor. As Head You were crowned with the curse in those emblematical thorns, and can now claim exemption for everyone of Your members. Praised forever be Your Name, worthy Lamb. I would forever be speaking and writing of You, from a feeling, sin-pardoned heart.

"Your presence makes my paradise, 
 And where You are, is heaven."

You make Good Friday every day. Good living and good dying, for You are my goodness, my fortress, and my deliverer, my God, and the Rock of my salvation. Forever blessed be the once crucified Redeemer. Oh, I would always live beneath Your shadow below, and then, with open face, behold Your glories above. Jehovah be praised for Gethsemane and Calvary scenes. Oh, do fire my soul, and make me a warm living witness of Your love "which passes knowledge." Do, Lord, perfume me with Your fragrance, that I may be a sweet savor of You to Your loved ones. Let us be "as one to make one living sound" in praising You both by lip and life. I love these sacred hours alone, to get into my sanctum and begin my heaven. My soul pants for more revelation of You.