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03 February, 2014


This morning as I was having the greatest time with God and I was worshipping in songs, prayers, bible study and so on. My heart and soul were engulfed with so much love for Him I could almost taste Him. The passion, the love, and the ache that I feel for His redeeming love for me made me want to scream from the top of my lungs how grateful I am for being under grace. The curse of my condition has been broken and I am allowed to go behind the veil to worship at His feet right there. What an honor? What love He feels for me and how much Christ must love His father to sacrifice it all for His glory.

I don’t know about you, but because I am under grace, all I want is to love Him just the same. Not because I am good or that I have more will power than any one of you. At the end of the day I am just scum. But, because I can truly say “because He lives I live.” I can truly say “it is not me living, but Christ lives in me.” YES GRACE IS FREE! But grace must be given room to work out God’s plan in our hearts and our lives for His glory.

If we allow Him to teach us what it means to worship Him with our lives, we understand that it is the fulfillment of what we were born for and we do not have to wait to go to heaven to start fulfilling it. – The beauty, the embrace, the love, the passion and wholeness can all be ours right now. Would you surrender your soul to let Him be everything He can be in your life? Let go of all regrets, what might have been, the pain, and all the wrong that has been done to us, go to Him in the now and be ready to go forward with Him.

Guys, I am having one of those days with God that was not planned at all. It all started yesterday when God convicted my heart for not being in the "NOW" enough to let the passion of His love and grace flows through me. As I examined my heart, I came to the conclusion that He was right. Without realizing it, I have been concerned with certain things in my life which caused me to neglect Him.

 I then made the decision to let go and stop giving Him my second best. All night I kept thinking how grateful I am because He did not let me keep going in the wrong way for too long. That is a work of His grace working within. So as I woke up this morning, I emptied myself of all that entangled and offered myself up to Him. I can tell I am going to spend most of the day in worship. I had to really pull myself away while the CD is playing in the background, to share with you. I have to go spend more time with the GREAT I AM!

In His Agape Love,