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28 July, 2013

Prayer - When Coping with Mental Illness or Addictions - Free Kindle Days

An excerpt from my new book: How To Pray Through Depression & Loneliness

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Get it for you or a friend on Free Kindle Days

A Prayer for Drinking Addiction 

Father God, I know enough about you to know that my uncontrollable drinking is a sin. I keep convincing myself I do not have a drinking problem, but deep within me, I know I have a problem. I need your help savior to give up this lifestyle because that is not your will for me. You do not want me to be filled with wine, but be filled with the Holy Spirit. I need to clean up, face up and get right with you. But I do not have the strength or the willingness to get there. All things are possible with you. I need you to rescue me from my addiction that is putting a wedge between my family, and my life with you. There is so much at stake savior and I do not know how to stop, but I am going to trust that you know my weaknesses and can protect me from falling. Help me, and strengthen me as I surrender my life to you for your glory and your purpose. Keep me at the altar of surrender that I might live in your presence daily. As I seek for help in the community, lead me to find the proper support group.
Help me put down all those vain thoughts and opinions of myself and allow me to return to you in humility and trust as I learn to walk steadfastly with you. Give me strength to humble myself and surround myself with other loving Christians who would walk with me and encourage me in my quest to serve you sober. Teach my heart to remain patient and take it one day at the time with you my Lord and Savior.

Where are You God? Where is Your Love? 

Lord, I keep being told you love me, but I do not understand. If indeed you love me how can you let me be in a vegetative state? How can you let my family suffer so much because of my illness? Where are you? How do I get hold of you? Why aren’t’ you helping me? Why is it I keep feeling like life is not worth living? Why so much darkness in the world and in me? I do not feel your love; I am isolated, and lonely. Why should I believe in you? I feel unworthy and unrighteous, I feel I deserve hell, I am no good and this life is not worth living. If you truly exist, please make yourself real to me. Give me the opportunity to know for myself if indeed you are real.
See me through the pain, love me and let me feel your presence. Show me how to shut down all other people and all the negative advise I have been getting about you and show yourself to me. Take my torments away and save me. I want to break free. I am tired of life itself and I feel like a prisoner in my own mind. If indeed you exist, forgive me for doubting you, but I need your help to know for sure you are there. Save me please, rescue me I am drowning in a sea of uncertainties. In a world where I feel unwanted and a world that ask way too much of me, I am tired of not knowing what is true and untrue. Tired of knowing what to approve and reject. Open up my own heart to me and help me see and understand. Rescue me and help me get to you. Lord, help me in my unbelief.

A Prayer for Couples
Gracious father, you have given us the sacrament of marriage which represents the union of Christ with His Church. I pray that the Holy Spirit will guide us through the pain of dealing with our child afflictions. I pray you would protect our marriage. We would not turn on each other because we are worn down by this situation, but instead we would find strength in you to continue together as we grow stronger in our marriage and in you.

Use our child illness to fortify our marriage and sanctify us through it. I pray you would go ahead of us in our interactions with doctors and the brethren of the community and we would find service, willingness to help, understanding and support. I pray when dealing with the doctors, they would not see us, but you my ascended Christ. I pray they would be more compassionate and find the right MEDs combination for our child’s needs. I pray for your protection around us and that the evil one would not take advantage of us while we are weak. I know in you we have ample strength. Give us peace and patience in our sufferings and subside our pain through the process my Lord. Teach us how to talk to our son/daughter, put words in our mouth to comfort him/her with words of healing, love and hope. May you be by his/her side and never let go as he/she goes through this illness. May you be his/her God, and may you light up his/her heart to feel your presence and see you. Above all else I pray that we would be a family, that in spite of the circumstances we learn to live in the embrace of the Holy Spirit and in the bosoms of my Lord Jesus. May you be glorified through us my Lord.