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24 January, 2013

The Obedient Life

I have to confess, sometimes I am tempted to write simple things that are easy to swallow, that do not demand much of Christians.

When these thoughts come into my mind, it is because I am somewhat in a stage where I want to please more people and give them what they want. It is because I know the average reader is not interested in anything that call for leaving the comfort zone, as such they learn to weed you out. But, I also know, this would not be me, it would not be the true ministry God had prepared me for and it would throw away all those years of hardships that I had to go through to be where I am with Him.

So, when I am tempted, I find great comfort reading those writers that I know have been through God’s university and curriculum. I find comfort, because as I read them, I can easily recall many of those moments that were created by the Holy Spirit for me to learn His process. I also find comfort in reading these writers because they too seem to be drastic in their approach to Christianity. But, really, it is not a question of being drastic; it is rather a question of living the truth that we learn directly from Him. We tend to appear drastic because the God we have come to know is a drastic God and we know He has no tolerance for shoddy Christianity. I know, if I were to uphold a lesser truth in order to appease people, I would not be true to myself and I would offend God!

From the above paragraph, I am not saying that I am the in the same caliber of those past writers. Far from it and I have no illusions, although I aspire to become a servant of Christ, like them. For example, right now in my walk with God, when I am separated from His Divine nature, often I do not seek to re-establish the communication for a day or two. But, Andrew Murray was known as the man who would stand in the middle of the street, just to re-establish communication with His divine nature at the very moment he became aware of such interruption.

What Am I Telling You All This?

Because I need to prepare your mind for this Itsy Bitsy piece of truth written by Andrew Murray. Do not dismiss it. Don’t’ take it lightly! It is my deepest desire that you would ponder on those words. Go to God directly, pray and ask Him to set you apart to live His truth in the recess of your heart and soul.

Andrew Murray In:
The School of Obedience

'Obedient unto death.' -Phil. 2:8.
After all that has been said on the life of obedience, I purpose speaking in this address of the entrance on that life.

You might think it a mistake to take this text, in which you have obedience in its very highest perfection, as our subject in speaking of the entrance on the course. But it is no mistake. The secret of success in a race is to have the goal clearly defined, and aimed at from the very outset.

'He became obedient unto death.' There is no other Christ for any of us, no other obedience that pleases God, no other example for us to copy, no other Teacher from whom to learn to obey. Christians suffer inconceivably because they do not at once and heartily accept this as the only obedience they are to aim at. The youngest Christian will find it strength in the school of Christ to make nothing less from the commencement his prayer and his vow: OBEDIENT UNTO DEATH. It is at once the beauty and the glory of Christ. A share in it is the highest blessing He has to give. The desire for and the surrender to it is possible to the youngest believer.

If you want to be reminded of what it means, think of the story in ancient history. A proud king, with a great army following him, demands the submission of the king of a small but brave nation. When the ambassadors have delivered their message, he calls one of his soldiers to stab himself. At once he does it. A second is called; he too obeys at once. A third is summoned; he too is obedient to death.

'Go and tell your master that I have three thousand such men; let him come.'
The king dared count upon men who held their life not dear to them when the king's word called for it.

It is such obedience God wants. It is such obedience Christ gave. It is such obedience He teaches. Be it such obedience and nothing less we seek to learn. From the very outset of the Christian life let this be our aim, that we may avoid the fatal mistake of calling Christ Master and yet not doing what He says.

Let all who by these addresses have in any degree been convicted of the sin of disobedience, listen as we study from God's Word the way to escape from that and gain access to the life Christ can give-the entrance to the life of full obedience.