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30 January, 2013

Spiritual Blindness Is So Sad!

This series about our lack of love for God that I have been posting for the past four days is really important to me because of what I have learned from Him through my wilderness process.

I was sad to learn from Him how busy we are at feeling superior about our religions, our understanding in our own nature and our own explanations. Sad to see how we are too preoccupied with what is not that important at all, yet we are missing the marks because in our misplaced zeal, our doings and focuses are not coming from the right angle. 

Spiritual blindness is sad because it eats you up and ravages you inside like a cancer in your body that you are not aware of. I do not mean to be rude by using the word cancer but, being someone who lost friends and family to cancer, like my own father whom I lost through cancer I had to learn the different types and how the disease works on the inside. I had to learn how it mutates and how it contaminates other healthy cells.

When I was a child I used to hear my father saying all the time that he would rather have a fever rather than being ignorant. When asked what he meant he would say, you can take a pill and your fever goes away but ignorance is there to stay. As I get older, I heard him expand on the fact that ignorance is worst because often the ignorant person has no idea he or she is ignorant. It is true. The biggest problem we have when we are spiritually ignorant is that we cannot know we are blind unless we can see. So, it is a catch 22

In our spiritual blindness, we will always find followers. The reason being is that first of all it is the work of Satan and secondly even though we are wrong, there is always a component of truth in what is being said. Perhaps it is because I have learned from the Holy Spirit how good we could feel in our Christian walk when all the while our father is the devil. I am extremely careful in examining my walk with Him constantly.  

Think about it. Have you ever sat down and really think of how easy it was for the world to crucified Christ? If your eyes had a peak of Christ in His glory, you would understand the magnitude of what I am saying. What about Adam and Eve? To be given so much to enjoy, yet it was so easy for them to defy Him. I do not know about you but these two examples I keep them close to my heart to remind me how vile I am and to enable me to remain in Him because apart from Him I am nothing and can do nothing.

Most of us so called Christians we would never dare think we belong to the category of those that Christ called the devil children in John 8:44. But, our attitude, motives and actions are no different from the people in the Jewish community of Jerusalem. They loved bragging about the fact that Abraham was their father, they knew each written word, yet no spiritual understanding, no eyes to see and no ears to hear. While they knew the truth, but the truth was not in them. Yes Abraham was their father, but they did not have Abraham Spirit that propelled him forward with God, in faith. They did not have his willingness to learn from Him and his obedient heart.  We too Christians, we reject the very truth of the Bible in favor of what is palatable to us.

Some of you would say to me: well I confessed with my mouth that Jesus Christ is Lord, I believe in Him, I changed my life around, I am church goer, Bible reader, I pray, I work for Him etc. My answer to you is that the Pharisees were deeper in their religiosity than you and that still did not stop them from being the devil children.

The key words we need to understand from John 8:44 is that “Satan speaks from his own nature” and “not holding to the truth” – These are words that should get us think deeper about where we are with Him. It is too easy to cover our faulty walk with a few verses about His promises to us and move onto being busy for Him.

John 8:44 You belong to your father, the devil, and you want to carry out your father’s desires. He was a murderer from the beginning, not holding to the truth, for there is no truth in him. When he lies, he speaks his native language, for he is a liar and the father of lies.