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31 May, 2017

Search The Scriptures —Study 7 — Philippians 4

Study 7 From the Book of Philippians is: Philippians 4

With this study, we end the book of Philippians. Tomorrow we will start the book of Ezekiel
1.     Note in detail how the believer’s relationship to the Lord should make a difference (a) to his own condition, (b) to his attitude to circumstances, and (c) to his relationship to people. Note the importance of the mind and its right use; and note what God can do for our minds. Cf. Is. 26:3. Examine your own life to discover ways in which you may trust Christ to make you ‘different’.
2.     What teaching is implicit in this passage about (a) the bond effected by Christian giving; (b) the need for regularity in it; (c) the way God looks at it; and (d) the need for regularity in it; and (d) the way in which He repays it? Cf. Lk. 6:38
1.     Verse 5.  ‘The Lord is at hand’: this may mean either that the Lord is close by, at their side (cf. Ps. 119:151), or that His coming is imminent.
2.     Verse 18. ‘A fragrant offering’ (RSV), or ‘an odour of a sweet smell’ (AV, RV): a phrase used in the Old Testament of acceptable offerings. Cf. Gn. 8:21; Lv. 1:9, 13; Eph. 5:2.