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14 October, 2016

Search The Scriptures —Study 19 — 1 Kings 22

Study 19 From the Book of 1 Kings is: 1 Kings 22

End of the Book 1 Kings - We are starting with the book of John tomorrow

  1. Compare the attitude of the tow kings in regard to asking counsel of the Lord. Did they not both err: Ahab because he would not have done it at all but for Jehoshaphat, and Jehoshaphat because he did it after the decision was made? Di we sometimes find ourselves committing both these errors?
  2. What may we learn from Ahab's foolish hatred of Micah? What was the reason for it, and to what end did it lead? Cf. Jn. 8:40. Are we ever guilty of asking advice only from people who will tell us what we want to hear?
  1. Verse 3. 'Ramoth-gilead': possibly one of the towns mentioned in 20:34.
  2. Verse 6. These prophets were probably prophets of the calf-worship with Jeroboam had established (12:28, 29). In name they may have been prophets of Jehovah, God of Israel, but they were not true prophets as Micah was.
  3. Verse 31. An ungrateful return or Ahab's clemency; see 20:31-34. It underlines the truth of the unknown prophet's prediction in 20:42.